Presentation Options

  • Healthy Aging – dealing with the physical, mental and social aspects in aging.
  • Follow the Dietary Guidelines – detailed instructions for diet and lifestyle so individuals can manage their weight and improve their health.
  • Dietary Guidelines – better health and to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases through diet and regular physical activity.
  • 60 Minutes of Activity for Better Health – how regular activity can improve your health and future.
  • Conversations with Seniors – how to communicate with your senior about sensitive subjects and gain better understanding of a seniors world.
  • Nine Tips for Seniors to Avoid Financial Abuse – how seniors are mistreated and often cheated.
  • Healthy Aging with Purpose – learn how to remain healthier in our aging years, yet keep purpose and goals in our lives. Let’s make our senior years our best years.
  • Let’s Help Ourselves! – we need to focus on helping ourselves before we can be of help to our family, friends and others.
  • Stop the Abuse – protect your parents or loved ones against Elder Abuse. Learn some of the warning signs of Elder Abuse, and how you can help in the fight against Elder Abuse.