Keep “it” Moving!

Article By Joanne R Kanute, BCMCLS, CSA

What is “it”? We are referring to: your body, your brain, your interests, social life, healthy well balanced meals, taking charge of your health. Oh yes, finances; they pretty much move on their own! Like the old saying: “use it or lose it”. That saying still holds true.

Diet & Exercise: Eat a well balanced diet; make sure you eat your fruits, vegetables, proteins. Limit your consumption of fats, carbohydrates, sugar and SALT! Keep things simple and basic. Eat small amounts often; every three hours and don’t forget to drink water. Water is really the magic liquid to life. Good diet and exercise will keep you moving longer and better, plus help

Healthy Brain: It is so important to keep your brain active and challenged. The simplest thing like taking a different route to the grocery store will help challenge your brain. Try something new, working crossword puzzles; don’t give in to the lazy boy and remote control.

Interests: What is it you always wanted to do or try when you had the time? Now is the time! Sometimes we have to give ourselves that extra nudge but it is worth the accomplishment!

Social Life: Stay active and social. Social interaction wards off depression, loneliness, hopelessness; you can make a huge different in other people’s lives simply by lending your ear. Many people including you want to be heard. Take charge of your health: the doctor cannot fix everything for you, they need your help. You need to take charge of your health, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s your body and your health, find out what makes it tick. Educate yourself, knowledge is power.

Finances: Many of us need to budget our finances, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit confined to four walls. There are many things available in the community and church groups that don’t cost money and is a great source of contributing to your community and give great interaction.


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