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Have you ever sent an email and right after you pushed send, you realized

that you didn’t want to send that yet? Your image or first impression is a lot

like that email. Once you have sent your image it is next to impossible to get

it back.


A first impression is a one shot deal; you have 6 seconds to give a first

impression without re-do’s. Clothing and appearance are among the most

important criteria we use to judge people. Once you realize that people are

judging your appearance before they know your talents, you will quickly

learn to be more critical of your appearance. Your total appearance says

more about you quicker then what any verbal message will be able to



We tend to make judgments based on the visual data that we gather.

Dress and grooming are important clues we project each time we encounter

someone. Consequently, nonverbal communication strongly influences the

way we are perceived.


Eighty percent of the decisions we make in business are judgment calls.

There is no silver bullet for knowing what to do all the time.

Color, style and fit provide the one, two, three punch in your appearance.

Every color has a message of its own. How you put them together sends

your message. Few people have “hanger figures.” Almost all of you need

help to make your clothes look as if they were made for you.



What you wear reveals eight things about you:


1. Self-esteem – What people see on the outside lets them know how

you feel about yourself on the inside.


2. Self-respect – Those who respect themselves know how to dress to

emphasize strengths and minimize body flaws.


3. Confidence – The way you carry yourself contributes greatly to the

air of confidence others perceive. Your goal is to create an aura of

confidence and assuredness when you walk into a room.


4. Organizational skills – You want to create a unified look from head

to foot, without calling attention to any on item or color. Recruiters

often say that they use appearance to judge organizational skills.


5. Soundness of judgment – Knowing and wearing the right outfit for

the right occasion is an important indicator of heather you can make

the right decisions at work. Know when to wear a suit, business casual

or formal attire to blend in appropriately.


6. Attention to detail – About 90 percent of your body is clothed in

business – the remaining 10 percent of your impression is made

through your grooming.


7. Creativity – Express your uniqueness through a special tie and

matching hankie, a scarf or a special or exquisite piece of jewelry.


8. Reliability – The sum of the above adds up how reliable you

are…from the big picture to the details.



4 Ways for developing a positive self image:


1. Accept yourself – The most important step is accept who you are

right now. Learn to love yourself and accept you flaws.


2. Negative messages – Make a list of negative messages you have

received in the past. These messages was the other person’s

perception and expression of frustration, this doesn’t mean that it will

remain with you forever.


3. Find your strengths – Make a list of your strengths and celebrate

these strengths, start to see that you are smart and cleaver.


4. Invest your time with positive people – Invest your time with people

who compliment and support you.


Self image is how we see ourselves. It influences your esteem and is

acquired during childhood. It includes personality, abilities, strength,

weakness and physical appearance.


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  1. Kayla says:

    Jo, I am so proud of you! This is a great website! I knew you were a busy lady, but I had no idea how many certifications and degrees you’ve earned!=D I know that God has totally prepared you for this. You

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