Life Coaching in Tucson

Aging — if it’s not your issue, it will be!

joanne2Living a healthy lifestyle has a major impact on our aging process. Aging successfully starts with understanding the three key factors of aging:

Health — physical and psychological well-being
Finance — maintaining the standard of living you had before retiring
Social Involvement — active connections with family, friends and community.

Life can convey many challenges along with stress, how we handle these challenges and stress factors is up to us. Our journey throughout life has many paths we can choose to travel. When we set out on a journey, the journey is much smoother if we have a navigator or co-pilot traveling with us. On your journey through life, travel with a Life Coach as your navigator or co-pilot. We walk beside you, watch for signs on your path, and help you reach your destiny safely accomplishing your goals in life.

Subjects that matter:

Healthy Eating — should become a permanent habit.

Managing Medication — medications can be a helpful role in your health but keeping track of it can be a challenge.

Physical Activity — lack of exercise is one of the main reasons for most physical decline.

Purpose to life — set goals and stay focused on accomplishing these goals.

Water — “Water, the solvent of the body, regulates all functions, including the activity of the solutes it dissolves and circulates.”

Social Involvement — a lack of social involvement can contribute to your physical decline. Stay connected!

Sleep — lack of sleep raises stress levels.

Psychological Health — keep a positive outlook and stimulate your brain. Learn something new everyday and laugh lots!

Stress — is responsible for 70-80% of the diseases in America; 70-90% of all doctor’s office visits are stress related ailments and conditions.

Lifestyle — reject the “couch potato” lifestyle.

Paper Trail — medication list, family history, copies of all medical visits, Living Will, Will’s & Trust, Medicare, Social Security, Long-term Care Insurance.

Staying Independent — many community-based services are available to help the elderly remain in their own homes.